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Epik High

Epik High (에픽하이) is a South Korean indie hip hop group from Seoul, South Korea. The group is composed of Tablo, Mithra Jin and DJ Tukutz.

Their music has been considered by many as a “lyrical piece of literature” and “urban poetry”, lyric orientated, soulful and often witty while addressing serious social issues such as identity, discrimination, community, unity and change as a whole through the use of sometimes controversial subject matter.

The group went on hiatus in 2009 as a result of DJ Tukutz being called for mandatory military service. DJ Tukutz returned from his mandatory military service on August 7, 2011, leaving only Mithra Jin away from the group. Mithra Jin is also enlisted into the military and is expected to return in 2012.



Lee Seon-Woong (이선웅) also known as Daniel Armand Lee or Tablo (타블로), was born on July 22, 1980.
He is a hip hop musician, rap artist, songwriter and lyricist. He is best known as the rapper and leader of the South Korean hip hop group Epik High. Tablo produces almost all the songs of Epik High with DJ Tukutz, and writes the lyrics with Mithra Jin. He has also produced and featured on many songs in South Korea. His work incorporates numerous musical styles, ranging from hip hop, to electronic music such as trance, trip hop, as well as rock.
He is a Canadian of Korean descent.

Tablo got married with the actress Kang HyeJung and they have a daughter.

He appeared in MBC’s drama “Nonstop 5” and made a cameo on “Unstoppable High Kick”.
Tablo also was casted in the films “Fantastic Parasuicides”and “August Rush”.

He recently joined YG Entertainment and realeased his first solo album.

DJ Tukutz

DJ Tukutz (DJ 투컷) born November 19, 1981 is a DJ, Producer, songwriter. He is best known as the DJ of the South Korean hip hop group Epik High.

DJ Tukutz first got into DJ-ing in the summer of 1995 while spending his time at illegal raves and warehouse parties, where his passion for the scene and music began. He started playing at local raves and parties in Japan’s underground hip-hop scene, before moving to South Korea in 2000 to attend the Technics DJ School. After returning from the academy, he partnered up with Tablo and headed to the States. He worked and DJ-ed on radio shows, live events and clubs around the Boston and New York City area.

In 2003, along with Tablo and Mithra Jin, they formed the rap group Epik High.

On October 15, 2009, DJ Tukutz entered the military to serve his mandatory 2 years service.

He arrived back from the military on August 9, 2011.


Mithra Jin

Choi Jin (최진) was born on January 6, 1983, is more commonly known by the stage name Mithra Jin (미쓰라 진), is a Korean hip hop musician, rap artist, and lyricist. He is the second MC of the group Epik High.

Mithra was originally a poet whose poems also worked as rhymes. Then he made a debut in the group named K-Ryders, which included J-Win, DJ D-Tones, Kyung Bin. K-Ryders actively led a concert in Korean underground around 2000s, and was disbanded in 2002 due to members’ personal reasons (such as studying or pursuit of personal careers). Park emceeing and poetry readings were the first places where he met Tablo, someone who he would work together with in the group Epik High.



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