DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki bios

TVXQ is a South Korean quintet formed under SM Entertainment in 2003. In South Korea they are known as Dong Bang Shin Ki (동방신기); they were later introduced in Japan as Tohoshinki under the Avex sub-label Rhythm Zone in 2005. Their name translates as “The Rising Gods of the East”.

Before their debut, the group was offered three tentative names: O Jang Yukbu (오장육부 lit. The Five Visceras), Jeonseoleul Meokgo Saneun Gorae (전설을 먹고 사는 고래 lit. A Whale That Eats Legends), and Dong Bang Bul Pae (동방불패, the Korean title of Ashes of Time). They decided on Dong Bang Bul Pae; however, the name was rejected because the Hanja was not aesthetically pleasing, and the name was changed to Dong Bang Shin Gi, which was named by Lee Soo Man’s acquaintance.

TVXQ made their debut on December 26, 2003 during a BoA and Britney Spears showcase, where they performed their debut single “Hug” and an a cappella rendition of “O Holy Night” with BoA. The group released their debut single “Hug” in January 14, 2004; it peaked at #4 on the monthly charts and sold a total of 169,532 copies. Their second single, “The Way U Are” (July 2004), debuted at #2 spot on the charts, becoming the ninth best-selling-record of the year, selling 214,069 copies. TVXQ released their debut album, Tri-Angle (October 2004). Tri-angle debuted atop the charts and sold a total of 242,580 copies, making it the year’s eighth best-selling record.

U-Know Yunho

Jung Yunho (born February 6, 1986) is a Korean singer and occasional actor. He is the leader of the South Korean boyband TVXQ.

U-Know was born and raised in Gwangju, South Korea. At the age of thirteen he joined SM Entertainment, after winning a dance competition. Before debuting in 2003, U-Know appeared in label-mate Dana’s music video for her song “Diamond” as a backup dancer and rapper .

U-Know has appeared on two televised shows with TVXQ, Banjun Theater and Vacation. In 2006, U-know made an appearance guest in Rainbow Romance. In July 2009, Jung was cast in the MBC miniseries Heading to the Ground. On November , 2010, it was announced that U-Know would be a supporting actor in the Korean TV series Poseidon, playing the role of Oh YunJae.

Hero Jaejoong

Kim Jaejoong (born January 26, 1986), is a Korean singer-songwriter, composer and occasional actor. He was a member and lead vocal of South Korean boy band TVXQ, known as Dong Bang Shin Ki in South Korea and Tohoshinki in Japan. But by now he is the lead vocalist of JYJ, who made their global debut in October 2010.

Hero was born as Han Jaejoon in Gongju, Chungcheongnam-do, South Korea. At a young age, Hero was given up for adoption by his birth mother to the Kims and his name was changed to Kim Jaejoong. When he was fifteen, he moved to Seoul by himself in order to take part in the auditions held by SM Entertainment.

Hero auditioned at SM Entertainment in 2001 and was accepted into the agency.On December 26, 2003, he debuted with TVXQ at a BoA and Britney Spears showcase.

Along with the other members of TVXQ, Hero has starred in two televised programs, Banjun Theater and Vacation. He played the lead role in a Japanese-Korean joint television drama, Heaven’s Postman (천국의 우편 배달부). It is about a mysterious man who delivers letters to heaven for people who can’t forget their deceased loved ones.

On March 9, 2010 it was announced that Hero was cast in the Japanese television drama Hard To Say I Love You (Sunao ni Narenakute, 素直になれなくて) where he portrays a “doctor”, who moved from Korea to Japan with his younger sister, working for a medical equipment manufacturer.

Micky Yoochun

Park Yoochun (born June 4, 1986), is a Korean singer-songwriter, composer, and occasional actor. He was a member of South Korean boy band TVXQ, known as Dong Bang Shin Ki in South Korea and Tohoshinki in Japan. But now he is a member of JYJ, who made their global debut in October 2010.

Yuchun was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea, until his family immigrated to the United States when he was in the sixth grade.  He lived in Fairfax, Virginia, where he attended Holmes Middle School and Chantilly High School. He was scouted by Brothers Entertainment and went back to South Korea, where he joined SM Entertainment. Is with JYJ because of hiatus with his original group TVXQ.

Yuchun has appeared on two televised shows with his band-mates, Banjun Theater and Vacation.
He stars in the KBS drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal (성균관스캔들). He portrays Lee Seon Joon: a rich, smart student who falls in love with a woman who is disguised as a man.

Micky is featured in “Tokyo Lovelight” from DJ Makai’s Stars (mini-album). He and band-mate U-know are also featured rappers in “Heartquake” from Super Junior’s Third Album, Sorry, Sorry.

Xiah Junsu

Kim Junsu (born December 15, 1986; registered on January 1, 1987 in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea) is a South Korean singer-songwriter, composer, occasional actor, and a member of South Korean boy band TVXQ, known as Dong Bang Shin Ki in South Korea and Tohoshinki in Japan. He is also a member of JYJ.

Xiah was born and raised in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. He was the first member to join TVXQ. Xiah auditioned for SM Entertainment with best friend Eunhyuk from Super Junior. Eunhyuk didn’t make the audition that year, but Xiah made it. Xiah joined SM Entertainment at the age of eleven. His first contract with the company began February 12, 2000. In 2002 he appeared on a television show called “2002 Survival Audition” with Eunhyuk and Sungmin, which was judged by two members from H.O.T., Moon Hee Jun and Kangta. Kangta praised him highly, saying that he had potential as a lead vocalist. Xiah debuted with the group TVXQ, during a BoA and Britney Spears showcase.He chose Xiah to be his stage name, explaining that the name was short for “Asia”, as Asia is pronounced “ah-shee-ah” in Korean. “Xiah” would be an implication of his desire to become not only a star in Korea, but also a star recognized all throughout the continent.

Xiah also participated in Samsung’s Anycall project, Anyband. The group consisted of label-mate BoA, Tablo of Epik High, and jazz pianist Jin Bora. The group has only released one single, “AnyBand”. In 2006, he collaborated with label-mate Zhang Liyin, for her debut single “Timeless”. In January 2010, Xiah started his stage musical career as the lead actor in the South Korean run of Mozart!.

After it was revealed that TVXQ would go on an indefinite hiatus in Japan, it was announced that Xiah would make a solo debut.He will release a double A-side single on May 26, 2010.A song that Xiah recorded titled “Kanashimi no Yukue” (悲しみのゆくえ, The Whereabouts of Sadness?) will be used as the theme song for the Japanese drama 5nen Atono Love Letter (5年後のラブレター, Go-nen Atono Rabu Retā?, A Love Letter, 5 Years From Now). In May 2010, there was also a teaser released, showing Xiah’s self-composed song called “Intoxication”.

Xiah has appeared on two televised shows with TVXQ, Banjun Theater and Vacation. He also made a guest appearance in Family Outing.

Max Changmin

Shim Changmin (심창민, 沈昌珉; born February 18, 1988) is a Korean singer, songwriter and occasional actor best known as one-fifth of South Korean musical group TVXQ. He is managed under music labels SM Entertainment in South Korea and Rhythm Zone in Japan.

Max was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea. He is the first-born son of parents, who were (/are) teachers. He joined SM Entertainment by winning the best singer and best artist award in SM Entertainment’s 6th Annual Youth Competition, a talent search conducted annually by the talent agency. He debuted with TVXQ in 2003 performing the group’s debut song “Hug” on SBS network’s BoA and Britney Spears showcase special.

Apart from his contribution in musical activities with TVXQ, Max has also participated in solo projects. In 2007, he wrote the lyrics to the track “Evergreen” which was composed by fellow band member Micky and included in SM Town’s compilation album 2007 Winter SMTown – Only Love. In 2008, he wrote the Korean lyrics to “Love In The Ice” for the group’s 4th Korean album Mirotic. In the same year, Max also sang his Japanese solo track “Wild Soul” for TVXQ’s 17th Japanese single of the TRICK project, Two Hearts/Wild Soul.

In 2006, Max starred with TVXQ in the miniseries Vacation which had a special premiere and screening at the main auditorium of Yonsei University. He appeared in the episode “Beautiful Life” alongside Xiah. They also participated in a number of episodes of Banjun Drama, a popular minidrama series aired on SBS network. He was also the first choice in the drama Snow Flower, but was replaced by Kim Ki Bum due to the hectic schedule of the TVXQ members. In 2009, Max was cast in the drama series “Paradise Ranch”.



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